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At RRA architects this month…

Cotswolds, London style…help us to grew new business in London – get in touch with our sister company in Hampton, South West London T: 020 8941 8891 W: Also this month we focus on planning, VAT, olympic architecture, and a delightful toll bridge at Whitney on Wye. George Osbourne’s budget, or lack of, depending on your point of view, has once again taken a u-turn by delaying the application of VAT on works to listed buildings – for now at least.

Greyfriars Gate

MADE has given a strong endorsement for the Greyfriars Gate project currently submitted for planning and featured in ‘First Look’ Building Design 7th June. The residential project is raising important issues for the city of Hereford. Flooding, affordable housing, density and sustainable transport are all being considered. It remains to be seen if the local planning department has the confidence to give it the green light.


We thought we would catch up with our Grand Designs project to see how it is faring. Hillcott barn was completed and aired on TV in 2006. The current owners bought the site some years ago and have spent time and money upgrading facilities. We think they have made a superb job and think you will like the interior shots of what is a mouth wateringly contemporary barn conversion.


Although we have not had the best weather this summer RRA has completed a project for an outside dining area, which features a bbq, pizza oven, open fire and sedum roof and due to the fact the structure was below four metres it did not require planning permission. The end result adds substantial value to the clients property and makes for enjoyable inside outside living. If you feel your garden could benefit from some summery outdoor space, contact


RRA made a splash this month whilst presenting a scheme design for the restoration of an historic public open air swimming pool. The proposed design features bathing booths, improved changing facilities and upgraded heating and plumbing technology and a celebration of outdoor bathing which has existed on the site from 1869. RRA’s idea is about promoting events and how the end result will generate a whole new community of bathers for the 21st century.

At RRA this month…

2012 – what a treasure trove for culture – a diamond, 64 golds, 60 silvers, 62 bronzes and a $120,000,000 painting.* Sadly, these riches didn’t quite translate across the British economy, and as we end the fourth year of recession, RRA finds the construction industry still struggling. But, it is the season of goodwill and Christmas cheer, so let’s look to 2013 and hope it will bring the treasures of health, happiness and prosperity. To start the goodwill we are giving away


RRA has redesigned Skylon for the Hereford Enterprise Park. This 48m high structure will capture the imagination to inspire all visitors to Hereford and encourage hi-tech business to flourish within the county. A sponsor is needed to make this bold statement. £300k will secure this dream for the people of Hereford. Do you know someone who wishes to leave a legacy for Hereford? Contact the office for more information.


There is a national trend to save stamp duty and not to move home, but to transform your existing house, to provide more space with improved energy efficiency. This Herefordshire property highlights what is possible with a little imagination and a client that enjoys good contemporary design. The before and after image above highlights how a forlorn Arts & Crafts house can be transformed into a stunning contemporary dream home. This RRA project has just won planning permission and will

At RRA this month…

The RRA Inspired magazine app has been downloaded globally – have you obtained your copy yet? The app is specifically created to take design, travel and architectural content, and expand it. Unlike printed magazines, the app goes beyond flat-page reading, instead presenting something that is multi-layered, expansive and revolutionary. It faithfully reproduces RRA project content – but adds floating text over high-definition photographs, exciting product information, smoothly animated models, picture galleries, videos and full-screen 360-degree visualisations. This product will genuinely enhance RRA’s


Local Authorities, under direction from Government, are working towards imposing a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), a sum of money that will be payable on all qualifying development. This effects housing, commercial and retail development. RRA is concerned that the levy is calculated based upon a matrix of variables, which are open to interpretation, and as such it is an inaccurate levy – or more importantly a blunt instrument that may kill off any development plans particularly in regional and rural