At RRA this month…

Happy New Year to all our newsletter readers.

What can we expect in 2013?… more of the same? We hope not as it is about time development picked up.

We predict that things may be improving for the year ahead. Here are some things we think we should be looking out for in 2013:

• Already starting – in the South East increased housing development

• As the retail high street is transformed, more change of use development

• An easing off of Euro relations as all countries negotiate change

• As online industry takes off more associated development

• As VAT is introduced on listed buildings less heritage development

• A return to capital expenditure in the big cities and marginal electoral seats

• RRA growing it’s London and South East office work load

• Procurement methods changing to include SME’s

• More social housing development across the UK

If you are planning a development in London, Cheltenham or Hereford areas then let us know as our staff would be happy to meet you to discuss possibility.

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